News:: Shotgun Jimmie Opening For The Golden Dogs

I was a little negligent yesterday in my Golden Dogs update, as I forgot to mention that Shotgun Jimmie is opening for The Golden Dogs. Better known recently as half of the Sackville, New Brunswick duo Shotgun & Jaybird, Jimmie is getting ready to release a new solo album on Halifax's Delorean Recordings. Delorean is run by Matt Charlton and Stephanie d'Entremont (of The Superfantastics) and they describe Shotgun's impending album thusly:

Ol’ Shotgun has come up with some real crushers this time around, with thirteen tracks that deliver a swaying mixture of Zuma era Neil Young rock attack and They Might Be Giants’-esque twisted pop’s music that’ll push you down a flight of stairs and then feed you cake.

Well then. Any music that would push me down the stairs and then feed me some cake is music I need to hear. I think. Either way, they expect the album to be released this fall, but here's a teaser in the meantime.

MP3:: Shotgun Jimmie - Sparkelution

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