Wednesday, August 1, 2007

News:: Touch & Nato Love Maury & Slick Rick

Well who doesn't love both of those things really? Here at the hill, we review plenty of independent music. A lot of the time, this music is submitted to us by the artists themselves, and usually this is quite a pleasant process. Like 99% of the artists who get in touch with us are very humble and extremely thankful for an exposure we can give them, and generally it's just fun to be in direct contact with the artists. Above all, Ack and I are music fans, we wouldn't spend so much time on the site if we weren't. However, there is a flipside to this hill-musician lovefest. Generally we try to be as positive as possible in our reviews, but we also try and be honest, so sometimes we might write things in a review that an artist wouldn't enjoy much. And when that does happen, sometimes we have to deal with the artists' reaction to our reaction to their album, which can be, in a word, awkward.

However, I should be clear and mention that because Ack and I generally try to review albums/artists that we're into, this doesn't happen very often. But two recent examples that come to mind: our now-legendary comment battle with fans of the group Arizona, and my (mild) slagging of Touch & Nato for recording a song with the curses bleeped out. In the case of the former, one of the dudes from Arizona actually send us an email apologizing for the fans' reaction and explaining his perspective of the record and why it turned out as it did. Very mature response on his part, so kudos to him. In the case of the latter, Nato got back to me to explain the concept of the song and to say once I saw the video they were making, I'd definitely get it. Also very mature, so more kudos are due. As I said, nice folks most of these music people are.

Well, true to his word, Nato sent me the video yesterday, and I believe I do see his point. As I mentioned in the review, the song is a play on Slick Rick's classic cautionary tale warning the kids to just say no to crime, but is a cautionary tale for rappers warning them of the dangers of goldiggers. It takes place on a fictional Maury-like show, and that is the explanation for the bleeps as obviously they don't let the trash curse with abandon on TV. It does make sense, and as you can see for yourself below, the song works much better in video format. Enjoy:

video:: Touch & Nato - Adult's Story

Things I enjoyed: Touch's classic Oiler jersey, Nato freaking the skinny funk on the bed in his boxer-briefs, and the Cadence Weapon cameo. As a treat for your listening pleasure, I've included the Slick Rick original, in case there is someone on the planet who hasn't heard it. For shame if this includes you. I've also included one other remake of this song that I enjoy, done by the Mighty Mos Def and Talib Kweli, who were/are known collectively as Blackstar. And last but not least, is the Touch & Nato version. Good songs, enjoy them.

mp3:: Slick Rick - Children's Story

mp3:: Blackstar - Children's Story

mp3:: Touch & Nato - Adult's Story

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