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Old School Mondays:: Derek B & Dana Dane

Well I didn't have a theme this week, so I had to fall back on a song I've been meaning to post for a while. That song is Derek B's Get Down. And yes, I have been meaning to post this for a while. Why you ask? Well, I'd heard this song a zillion years ago on a compilation owned by my cousin's best friends older brother. Despite being a hip hop tape hoarder, this was the first time I'd heard this jam, and I enjoyed it muchly. It turns out this album was Mr. Magic's Rap Attack Vol. 3. Tremendous, no? The other jam on this that I loved, and hadn't heard before was Dana Dane's Cinderfella, so it seemed like a perfect addition to this post. After all, these songs were one-two on the album, and both feature rapping British dudes, if it's not a match made in Old School Monday heaven, I don't know what is. Enjoy.

mp3:: Dana Dane - Cinderfella
To my knowledge, Dana Dane was one of the first well-known dudes to rap with a British accent, along with, of course, The Ruler. In fact, Dane & Ricky D formed the Kongol Crew as youngsters, although I don't think they actually put anything out under that title. But who knows if any of this is true, as after visiting Dana Dane's Wiki page I have only just found out the Dana was born in Fort Greene, and his accent is fake. How did I not know this? I don't know what to believe anymore. Anyway, the song is rather awesome in a 1987 kind of way. As you might guess by the title, it's a re-telling of the classic fairy tale with Dana Dane playing the lead. Hurby Luv Bug plays Dane's fairy godmother and hooks him up with a fresh silk suit, new Bally shoes, and of course, a kangol - not to mention a fresh go-go beat with a touch of Dazz added for good measure. Anyway, I'm so disillusioned with Dane and his fake accent I have nothing else, enjoy this one if you don't hate phonies.

mp3:: Derek B. - Get Down
Derek B. is a London born DJ who also rapped under the name EZQ, and referred to his DJ as Derek B, which would be himself. All very confusing really, but this was probably normal behaviour for the 80's, never mind the fact he's British. Anyway, Derek was really the first UK based rapper to have any success in the US, as his debut album Bullet From A Gun sold fairly well. That might be partly because he rapped with a faux-american accent, which also led to him getting dismissed by hardcore brit rappers. To each his own I suppose, cause I loved this jam, but if I'm being honest it was probably the beat, made of a combination of Funky Drummer and I Want You Back which was the real reason I loved this song. Well that and the "Get Down!" vocal sample which I love but cannot figure out where it comes from originally. Derek/EZQ's rapping is fairly pedestrian, accent americano or not. He starts out talking about how dope his DJ Derek B (which is of course, himself) is, and then drops a horribly excellent 3rd verse about him picking up a young lady with zero rapping skills who was also apparently into dudes with multiple personalities. It contains this line "two big things like basketballs, down below was like Niagra Falls". Really, what more is there to say about this one?

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