Thursday, August 2, 2007

Reviews:: Calvin Harris I Created Disco

I'll be the first to admit when it comes to getting up and shaking our asses, herohill is not really your one-stop shop for "hot jams." I think most of the blog-rave and blog approved rap is kind of mud, and would rather throw on classic hip-hop if I needed the spirit to move me. I can't think of a time where I think to myself "I need people asking me for coke" at Girl Talk or "man I'd love to see some ugly white people shaking it along side to see Dan Deacon's balding, sweat creased hair flowing wildly."

That's why when I got the promo copy of Calvin Harris new record, I Created Disco, like Nash's Nike commercial says - I passed. I saw his odd glasses-ed face popping up on blog after blog, and just assumed it would be kind of wack. I'm closed minded, what can I say.

But last night, I decided to chuck it on while we worked on the new design and I was pleasantly surprised. Almost to the point of being blown away. Not because Calvin is doing anything overly complex; he's simply a computer producer hyping up his beats to formulate his own version of disco (which must be said, is not your parents disco). No, I was blown away because I actually found myself engaged for the duration of this 14-song record. NOTE:: I could easily do without the sassy pants, smoothed out Love Souvenir.

Over the course of the 55-minutes this record runs, Calvin stays pretty true to his style. He's rocking computer beats that make you move. He's not overly concerned with lyrics - although what he says does sound much better with his Scottish accent, but they are delivered in such a nice sounding package (especially when you consider it cost him 0 bucks) you'd be hard pressed to complain. I guess you'd call it electroclash or pill-popping music, but those terms make me squirm. Instead I'd just prefer to call this music fun. You can't help but think he's actually making fun of the music at first, in some overly complex satire, but after listening you realize every detail was put together in some sort of tribute.

You can throw on almost any track on and meet little objection, but I'd suggest starting with Merry Making At My Place. It teaches you all you need to know about the young Mr. Harris.
MP3:: Merry Making at My House
MP3:: Merry Making at My House (Mr. Oizo remix)

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