Friday, August 17, 2007

Reviews:: Mother and the Addicts, Pet Ghost Project

It's been a while since I tried to flush out the promo pile, so here are two discs that caught my ear. I just don't have enough time to give each a full write up, but both show potential:

Mother and the Addict: Science Fiction Illustrated
Mother and the Addicts finds a home on Chemikal Underground Records, and they are a nice mix of Britpop and 80's indie rock, all twisted up with a Cocker accent. The hooks are subtle, but always enjoyable. Although they are getting lumped in with bands like Franz Ferd, they don't settle for the obvious riffs, preferring to earn your trust with more experimental, well thought out sounds.

I'd suggest starting with Watch the Lines or the crunchy So Tough (the synth work is top shelf), and go from there. You won't be let down by this one.
MP3:: Watch the Lines

The Pet Ghosts Project: the great satisfactory
The Pet Ghost Project is actually just one man, Justin Shivers. I guess I'd call his sound noise rock, but it is a bit more melodic. Sure there is chaos and distortion, but he supplements it with some surprising tenderness. The acoustic / clavas-ish breakdown on the opening track, Drunk and Smiling at Heaven, shows how easily he can draw you in.

But most times, he likes it loud, truncated and all over the place. It's a challenging listen with some indulgence and missteps, but like good noise rock, sitting through the record unearths lots of little treasures (like the blues riff of Everybody Knows, the crescendos on Of God and Science, or the vibrasorb goodness of the album closer, Encore). Justin is young, and this first DIY is a great starting point for him. Check out his myspace.

MP3:: Encore

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