Rogue Wave + Miracle Fortress = Summery Happiness

Rogue Wave has been one of my favorite bands since I stumbled on their original LP. Shane and I saw them in TO when we both lived there (where Helio Sequence almost deafened the crowd). Every time I've seen them (including their intimate show at the Media Club here in Vancouver) they've got better and better. Hopefully with the release of their new record - Asleep at Heaven's Gate - they will be back soon.

Anyway, I was listening to one of my favorite (Canadian) & Polaris nominated records - Miracle Fortress: Five Roses - and reveled in the similarity between Rogue Wave's intimate style and Graham's track Next Train.

Miracle Fortress is one of the big acts at the upcoming Halifax Pop Explosion, so I'm looking forward to chatting with Graham.

Anyway, here are two great songs, one from each band:

Next Train - Miracle Fortress
MP3:: Lake Michigan - Rogue Wave

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