Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sunday morning coffee:: Lions in the Street

I'm going to try a new thing on Sundays. I'm going to sit down with my cup of coffee (or two) and bang out my thoughts about a local band while their record plays in the background. The inaugural act - Lion in the Street. This four-piece is a throwback to the Stones (I really should make a pun about Exile on Main Street) but add just enough Southern rock and early r & b to make this band one you should know (instead of just another simple rehash).

The 5 song EP - Cat Got Your Tongue - was recorded on an 8-track in the basement after L.I.T.S. were yet another casualty of the major record label game, and the 5 songs are as close to perfection as I've heard from any of the rock revivalists. They can turn up the amps and blow your doors down with tracks like garage rocking anthems likeAlready Gone, but have the chops (and harmonies) to draw you into the backporch balladry (Lady Blue). Hopefully this sounds like a compliment, but if Lady Blue came on the juke box in a dive bar, I'd sing along, assuming I must have been listening to the track since before I can remember and it's now somehow a part of me. The band closes the EP with the distortion heavy, huge riff of you're Gonna Lose and I'm not sure how any fan of big guitars and classic rock can not be won over. Oh, and did I mention the band is giving away the EP for free?

** A special request for some of the youngens who read blogs - If you haven't taken the time to back track through the stacks of vinyl your parents have under the stereo, LITS finally gives you that extra push you needed. Listening to the EP - with touches of the Allmans, Mick and Keith and enough R&B; to make you want to throw on some Chuck or Fats - is going to be like watching that character in Almost Famous sort through his sister's records. It will open a whole new world for you.

L.I.T.S. are playing at Pub 340 on August 25th. Bring your tight denim.
MP3:: Lady Blue
MP3:: Already Gone

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