Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sunday Morning Coffee:: Montag

Technically, the brains behind Montag is originally from Montreal, but now resides in Vancouver ... so the band still qualifies. Anyway, Montag (Antoine B├ędard and a cast of very talented friends) exists in a world of beautiful, looping electronic textures and shimmering 60's era pop.

Montag has been at this for a long time, and has recently started getting some attention (the exposure of adding a track to the Stars remix album didn't hurt) for his unique sonic experiments. The release of his new record - aptly titled Going Places - should be Bedard's coming out party. The album features vast, orchestral tracks, but also includes simpler sounds that showcase his minimalistic side (for example - > (Plus Grande Que), that features the lovely vocals of Beach House's Victoria Legrand) and reinforce that fact that he can entertain us without forcing layer after layer into the mix.

Note:: Although I don't think you should ever judge an artist by the company they keep (and for any of you out there not willing to take a risk on a smaller artist), he enlists the help of friends like Owen Pallett, Amy Milan, and Au Revoir Simone. If they all believe Antoine's music is worth making, who are you to say no!?

If you have ever fallen in love with the sounds of the Stars, Sufjan or just love hearing well created electronic swells, Montag is a band you should check out. Hopefully, you'll see the full record review up here soon.
MP3:: Softness I Forgot Your Name - Montag

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