Halifax Pop Explosion:: Featured Artist - Dog Day & Matt Mays

The Ack mentioned the latest acts added to the Pop Explosion the other day (The Besnard Lakes, Brother Ali, Dog Day, Matt Mays & El Torpedo), and I have to say, each one of those acts is a welcome addition. At this point I think the 15th edition of the Explosion is going to be one of, if not the best in the event's history. So to continue our fest pre-game coverage, I thought I'd discuss the two latest local acts added to the roster.

As Ack mentioned, we reviewed Dog Day's debut, Night Group when it came out, and it was a rather favourable review, as I thought it was a solid album. I also mentioned Fairview legend Freddie Holburn in my review, but that's neither here nor there really. The dueling couples that comprise Dog Day (Keyboardist Crystal Thili & drummer KC Spidle and guitarist Seth Smith & bassist Nancy Urich) made a cacophonous, fuzz-out of an album filled with sing-along hooks and referenced some of the better moments musical of the 90's ( Dinosaur Jr., Superchunk, Yo La Tengo, and Sonic Youth). They've also garnered plenty of good press for the album, so check it out:

Pop Matters

Coke Machine Glow

Toronto Star

According to trusty ole myspace, Dog Day play October 19th at the Marquee after returning from a month in Europe and before they head out to the west coast, so if you want to catch Dog Day in Halifax you better catch them during the fest, or it'll be a while.

MP3:: Dog Day - Career Suicide

As for Matt Mays Ack posted a link to our preview/review of his last album, the experimental When The Angels Make Contact, but I believe Matt will be appearing in the guise of his full band, the El Torpedo of Matt Mays & El Torpedo. Matt's last outing with El Torpedo, a self-titled effort from 2005 was a alt-country/rock combo that received some healthy radio play, especially for the first single Cocaine Cowgirl. I don't think the Ack is a huge Matt Mays fan, but I liked that album and it'll be interesting to see what Matt and the band have been working on since then. Enjoy one of my favorite tracks from that album.

MP3:: Matt Mays & El Torpedo On the Hood

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