Halifax Pop Explosion:: Featured Artist - Brother Ali

I know there are a ton of great acts coming for the Pop Explosion, but I hope many people are excited about Brother Ali's appearance, I know I am. I thought Shadows On The Sun was excellent, and his latest effort, Undisputed Truth, no less so. If you have never heard Ali, I suggest you check him out. As I said in my review for Undisputed Truth:

Albums like this are the reason I still check for new hip hop releases. I know, it sounds like high praise indeed but I think it's warranted.

I still think that's true. If you've been disillusioned by hip hop, Brother Ali has the passion and and skill that might help bring you back into the fold. But don't take my word for it:

The Onion A.V. Club

Prefix Mag


Brother Ali plays his Pop Explosion gig October 17th at the Attic, if you're in town, I suggest you hit it. I think the hill will be in the house. And I haven't even mentioned that Blueprint is also going to be playing that night. The MC half of Soul Position along with producer RJD2, the incredibly charismatic 'print has always been a favorite of mine. He's probably more known for his Soul Position work, but his last solo album 1988 was really rather enjoyable. This is going to be a great show.

MP3::Brother Ali - Watcha Got

MP3::Blueprint - 1988

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