Friday, September 14, 2007

Halifax Pop Explosion:: Land of Talk

Land of Talk is a great band. I really could (and should) stop there and hope you take my word for it, but I know how fickle you readers can be, so I'll go on. In a new twist, we will play a game of Things you might not know about Land of Talk:
  • They are currently on tour supporting the Decemberists. If they are good enough for Meloy, they should be good enough for you!
  • They were a stereogum band to watch
  • They were allegedly supposed to cancel their show with the Rosebuds here in Vancouver, so I lost my guest list pass and also missed the Rosebuds. Worst part… Liz played a solo set. You can read about it on From Blown Speakers
  • They were featured on the AOL Interface… and sounded great. Also, Liz gets compared to Eddie Vedder - appearance, not voice - weird stuff.
  • They are going to crush it at the Halifax Pop Explosion and with a new record on tap, you might get a nice preview of the new stuff:
    20 Oct 2007 21:00 The Marquee Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • They are playing Richard's on Richards on Nov. 14th.
MP3:: Dark Nature Places
web site :: myspace

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