Monday, September 10, 2007

Halifax Pop Explosion:: Small Sins

Small Sins is the work of Thomas D'Arcy and his good friend Roland 707. Wait, Roland 707 is a drum machine? Oh.. right. Anyway, after years in bands, Thomas decided to finally start making music for himself, by himself. The results - his 2006 debut, Small Sins, a funky, smoothed out electro/organic project - are very impressive. Mixing guitars, harmonies and warm fuzzy synth riffs, the album flows like a river.

I don't want to try to force his components and textures into the whole sounds like game, so instead I'll just say he adds a modern feel and sound to some more traditional influences. It's crazy to start moving to shimmering synths riffs, and hear tributes to Neil Young or the 70's punk scene, but Small Sins uses blips, synths, space rock, electro pop, organic instrumentation and (at times) surprisingly subtle arrangements over the course of the record and somehow manages the dichotomy of old and new perfectly.

Fans of the Sea & Cake or Postal Service would be just as likely to love this record as people who love Bowie or the Buzzcocks. Quite simply, fans of pop music should grab onto Thomas D'Arcy's songs.

He is about to release his follow-up LP, Mood Swings, and the two songs he's got playing on the ole myspace page show even more growth. I'm interested in hearing the full record, because the songs seem to be much more "band" driven, as opposed to just D'Arcy working in a studio tinkering with parts until they fit. Drunk Email uses synths and hand claps and a silly chorus in the best way possible where as On the Line is more straight forward indie rock song. On the latter, his vocals dominate the drum driven verses, before the harmonies and synths explode on the chorus.

He's playing the Popfest with Gordon Ramsey:
18 Oct 2007 Hell’s Kitchen Halifax, Nova Scotia

And later on in the fall here in Vancouver:
Nov 11th @ the Media Club.
MP3:: Stay
web site :: myspace

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