Hump Day:: The Donnas, Maritime, The Antiques and more

Ignore the obvious joke about hump day and The Donnas please. Can You See the Sunset's pop punk time capsule has influenced my listening habits. It's probably what made the Donna's new record bubble up in my promo pile.

I can remember seeing the Donnas many moons ago playing at my favorite Pittsburgh venue - Club Laga. That was still in their Donna "X" phase, where they looked like the bad ass girls you'd see smoking behind Rydell High, but regardless, I loved their punk/metal style and songs about making out are hard to disregard. Plus, the girls have stayed true to who they are and what they are into, making the same style of music for over 13 years.

I'll also admit, they kind of fell of my radar long ago. I don't listen to much punk rock anymore, so I was kind of expecting to dismiss Bitchin' quickly. I might have if not for the nostalgic run I'm on, but for some reason I found the metal riffs enjoyable. Despite all the talk of them growing up and a mature new sound, they have managed to stay pretty well the same. Is this good or bad?

I guess that depends on if you like the Donna's old shit. If you do (like I do) you will pretty much like the Donna's new shit. It's bigger, more metal fused and full of energy: and for a limited time it comes with 33% more big face melters (like the shredder on What Do I Have To Do) . Get your tight jeans and big hair and enjoy. This record is tailor made for my brother-in-law and his Rush/Priest/Motley Crew loving posse, but fun enough to find a home in lots of stereos.
MP3:: Bitchin'
web site

Maritime - live videos

With Holes for Thumb Sized Birds::

The Antiques on Daytrotter

I actually really enjoyed the last record (review here), but kind of forgot about these dudes. Luckily a quick email jogged my memory. They are set to release a follow up record - Cicadas - on Banter records. For a super advance preview, head over to Daytrotter for 4 new songs. Oh and make sure you click an ad to support the Daytrotter team.
MP3:: Diftwood Doll - Daytrotter session

Canseco's remix Vivek
The Canseco's took Vivek Shraya and Sara Quin's track - Your Name - and bounced a spacey beat off your dome for a home run. C'maaan ... an awesome, old-skool Jose Canseco ref? That alone should make you check the track. The fact the Cansecos, Vivek, and Sara are all top shelf is secondary.

Check his myspace for the track.

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