Interviews:: Mike MacNeil From Contrived

Originally I wanted to have this interview with Mike from Contrived as part our coverage of the Halifax Pop Explosion's pre-party show. Well, I wasn't able to put it together before the show, and so I thought perhaps it didn't make sense to post it. But it's a perfectly good interview, and not using it would be wasteful. If there's one thing we can't stand here at the hill, it's wastefulness. Well if we were choosing one thing we dislike it would be ultimate frisbee, or men with pony tails, but wastefulness would be right up near the top. Anyway, here's the interview, enjoy.

HH:: Your myspace tagline is "2 Legit 2 Quit" which leads me to believe (or rather hope) that you are huge Hammer fans. If you had to cover one of his songs, which would you do? I would select Turn This Mutha Out for you, but that's just me.

MM:: We celebrate his entire catalogue, its really hard to choose just one.

HH:: I read you started recording your new album, how's that coming so far and when do you think we'll get to hear some of it?

MM:: recording is going very well, we are really excited with the results so far. we are hoping to have it finished and ready to release before the sixth hour of the sixth day of the sixth month of 2012.

HH:: Your sound has been pretty heavy in the past, can we expect more of the same on the new album, or have you guys gone in a different direction?

MM:: we now have 3 guitar players in the band so i guess in theory it should be even heavier then our previous albums, although it isn't...... so i guess ultimately the answer is no, but at the same time it is, so yes and no...maybe.

HH:: I'm assuming the new album is going to be released on Dependent, who have had some pretty exciting stuff going on in the last couple years, how did you get hooked up with them?

MM:: We were big fans of Burnt Black and hooked up with Brian Borcherdt and got involved from there.

HH:: The music scene in Halifax is pretty exciting right now, do you think it's the healthiest you've seen it since you've been playing here?

MM:: I guess so....i dont really know.......things seem good, have been good....should stay good

HH:: Your labelmate Jill Barber moved to Halifax from Ontario before launching her career, which is kind of the opposite direction whe you think about how things usually work these days, can you see more artists making that kind of move if the scene here stays as healthy as its been?

MM:: Definitely, I think people are realizing they can tour and be successful while having a home base here. I think some people find it more comfortable here then in big cities.

HH:: Other than the bands you're playing with at the pre-party show, who are you looking forward to seeing during the Pop Explosion?

HH:: If you had to name one Halifax "must-do" for fans or even the other bands to do when they're in Halifax, what would it be?

MM:: Eric's Trip would be my "must-do" pick
MM:: I would also like to see Buried Inside, A history of and Two Minute Miracles.

So there you go, thanks to Mike for chatting with us and check for Contrived's new album some time this year, or at least some time before June of 2012.

MP3:: Contrived - At This Speed

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