Saturday, September 15, 2007

News:: Blitzen Trapper in Vancouver

Seriously. I'm not sure the last time I've been so frustrated by the Irish. Today was a disaster, of the Dane Cook script selection degree. "Good luck chuck", is what fans should be saying to Weis, and sadly would be a much better way to spend two hours than suffering through ND football games.

So some better news? Blitzen Trapper is playing the Media Club on Tuesday, Sept. 18, opening the show for the Two Gallants.

I described their last record - Wild Mountain Nation - as a blender filled with equal parts Grateful Dead, Beatles, bluegrass, punk, Floyd, and Stevie Wonder mixed amongst the sludge of the campsite and the psychedelics, but even that doesn't do the record justice. I can't imagine this Portland outfit not delivering a killer set.

MP3:: Sci-Fi Kid (40 Thieves Remix)
Daytrotter session
web site :: myspace

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