Friday, September 28, 2007

News:: Buck 65 Situates Himself In 1957

Buck 65 was back in Halifax a couple weeks ago for the Atlantic Film Festival, and that got me thinking that I should check on the progress of Buck's new album. I knew the album was called Situation and I knew Buck was going back to a more hip hop aesthetic, but I didn't know the album was being released on Sage Francis' Strange Famous Records (October 30th). Nor did I know that this album was inspired by the year 1957.

Well there you go, In just one paragraph you've already learned as many as five new things about yer man Buck 65, and that is a tremendous "things learned per paragraph" ratio if I do say so myself. As for me, I've also learned that Buck's new album should be rather enjoyable. I've heard Skratch Bastid has produced a number of songs on the album, and Brooklyn's DJ Signify did the beat for Benz, a collabo with Cadence Weapon you can check out below. Based on that anecdotal evidence, the production should be much more on the hip hop side of things.

Benz is easily more hip hop than anything that was on Buck's last album, and although he's still kind of using the old man rapping voice on Shutter Buggin', it's still more on that rappity rap side of things. Both songs feature scratching too, which is always a bonus. So anyway, enjoy these songs and check for a full review of Situation on the hill in the near future.

MP3:: Buck 65 - Shutter Buggin' (via Spinner)

MP3:: Buck 65 f. Cadence Weapon - Benz (via Pitchfork)

Video:: Buck65 - Show And Tell, Episode 1

Video:: Buck65 - Show And Tell, Episode 2

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