Friday, September 7, 2007

News:: Football...Bah

Forget all that optimism from yesterday. The Saints scuffled through a boring first half against the Colts last night, missing an opportunity to score a couple times and take the driver's seat. Instead they got frustrated by the Colts D until Hugehead McManning figured out that we were actually starting that shitty dude who played CB for them last year. Why we thought Jason David would be an upgrade over Fred Thomas is way, way beyond me.

Anyway, watching that game was like having an extended rectal exam performed by John Madden, and although I didn't watch the game, the aftermath of the Michigan debacle last week was even worse, so yeah, football season is a blast so far! Anyone who doesn't believe in the universe balancing itself out in a karmic/ying-yang fashion should watch football with me. All in all, last year was fantastic for both the Saints and Wolverines (season-ends excluded), so does either team build on the success this year? Not so much. This is all very fatalistic, and both teams will hopefully bounce back, but today, Naedoo is not a happy camper.

So here's a couple jams which convey my sentiments on the '07 football season. An uplifting ditty from Method Man and for the Ack, an appropriate number from Postive K.

MP3:: Method Man - Somebody Done Fucked Up

MP3:: Positive K - It's All Over

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At 4:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous did sayeth:

patriots Are Gonna Take It This Year. I Hope!! :)


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