Monday, September 10, 2007

Old School Mondays:: Positive K

This week, like last week, we have two songs from one album. The album would be Positive K's Skills Dat Pay Da Bills. Ack and I had been discussing Pos K's awesomeness last week, and so I used It's All Over in my crotchety post-Saints demolition post. Well, that made Positive a natural choice for Old School Mondays, and after listening to more of his album, I realized I needed to post two songs. At least two songs, as his one & only album has some fantastic jams on it. For those not in the know, Positive K was an MC from the Bronx that was down with the First Priority family (home of MC Lyte & Audio Two, run by Lyte, Milk & Giz's father). Most people heard of the Pos K after I'm Not Havin' It, his duet with MC Lyte, which featured Pos trying to pick up Lyte with the Classic "Excuse me miss....". As for today's jams, I was tempted to go with the pimpadelic, BDK featuring Nightshift or the crazy How the F#! Would You Know but I decided I had to go with the classic I Got A Man, and the excellent Ain't No Crime.

MP3:: Positive K - I Got A Man
Lots of people remember this jam, as it got more airplay than anything else on the album. It's not the best song on the album, but certainly the catchiest. The John McClane snippet at the start is an homage to Pos' lady troubles in this song and the aforementioned I'm Not Havin' It. It's kind of odd that this song was as big as it was considering the female chick Pos is rappin' to has a very, very annoying voice, but I suppose the catchy chorus and bouncy guitar licks compensate for it. Well that, and it features line such as:

I'm Big Daddy Long Stroke and your man's Pee Wee Herman

You know what they say about those who sweat they self, they might find yaself by yaself

What am I, some crab inmate who just came home from jail sweatin' you for a date

Boom-batter my pockets are gettin' fatter

MP3:: Positive K - Ain't No Crime
This one opens with a classic talk radio intro that I loved back in the day and it still makes me laugh. The beat is an excellent golden age combo of pianos & strings (Here's the video for this one, but it has a mangled and terrible beat - however, I included it because I like Pos' "Positive K CEO" nameplate on his desk), but really this one is all about Pos & his one liners, so enjoy these gems:

Tell me can you take it? You'd have better luck bungee jumping buck-naked

I'm getting loot in 52 cities and hangin' hard, see here, like your grandmoms titties

Cause I'm a bachelor, my doctor says I'm fertile, runnin' through girls like Carl Lewis does the hurdles

If being fly was a minute, well I'm a motherfucking hour

Video:: Positive K - I Got A Man

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