Quick hitters - Little Name, Jim Bryson & Maritime

Those blasted RIYL stickers and quick stroke blog posts are tough. Hearing anyone compared to Burt Bacharach or Belle & Sebastian will usually furrow up your brow in passive aggressive dismissal. I'll admit, the Little Name record sat in my "listen to it eventually" pile for a long time.

But after a few listens of How to Swim & Live, I started to embrace the sounds, and it's easy to see why really. There is lots to like about Lee Barker's efforts (he plays almost every instrument on this record). Lyrically, his dark words pleasantly balance the floating textures he uses. He mixes in 60's French pop/British twee sounds and feel but manages to stay away from the "aping" that so often results when you sample from these influences. His songs really sink in quickly, and hearing him croon, "nobody loves you, and it's easy to see why" over top of some picked acoustic notes and strings on Nobody Loves You is somehow so settling.

The record makes use of hand claps, gentle electric notes, drums and horns - oh, and xylophone to create a swirling symphony of lovely. If you have doubts, play For the Attention Of and start enjoying. The record has lots of nice tracks: I Always See The Sun Rise is driven by percussion and a nice guitar solo, and the galloping drums of Orienteering really peaks your energy. Really, if you like any of the artists Little Name is constantly compared to, this record is well worth a listen.
MP3:: For the Attention Of
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Some cool news::
How about Jim Bryson touring with the Weakerthans (as a member of the band, and opening a few shows)?

He's an amazing musician, and a fantastic song writer, so the Reunion Tour (October 6th @ the Commodore) just got that much better. - Via CBC Radio 3

Maritime is playing the Commodore (October 10th in support of the new record - Heresy & the Hotel Choir), opening up for Jimmy Eat World. Odd related note, I saw Jimmy Eat World and Promise Ring play in Philly… so I'm way older than most of you.
MP3:: For science fiction- Maritime

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