Monday, October 1, 2007

Between the Covers:: Jack Johnson vs. Jimmy Buffet

In all honesty, I would rather have to eat raw ground beef that I found behind a radiator than listen to anything written by the Turd-burglar in Paradise, but it fits for this week's theme. Nic and I are off to Hawaii this week, so I decided to do a sun vacation themed battle.

A Pirate Looks at 40 - Jimmy Buffett
I don't get the appeal of Buffett. No offense to the balding skullets who travel along with him to get that beach vibe in a field in Wisconsin, but I'll pass. I am not sure how he got to be so huge and why songs of the beach and drunken tom foolery appeal to 40,000 folks after all these years, but they do. So he has that going for him.

MP3:: A Pirate at Looks 40 - Jack Johnson
I first heard this cover when I saw JJ play in Detroit. The best part about it was everyone leaving was going ape shit over the great show, but you kept hearing - "why the hell would he play a Buffett song?" To be fair to Jack, it was the first song he learned on guitar and if anyone has made a life out of the beach, some good buds and some tasty waves, it's him. He plays this one straight as an arrow and it used to fit well into his set.

Decision? Well, I dig on Jack and hate on Buffett. Not a hard choice for me.

Bonus track::
MP3:: Stay Young - Donovan Frankenreiter band
This song was featured in a killer surf video back in the day. Do you know which one? Anyway, Donovan, John Swift and Rob Machado play a killer version of this in the flick Shelter and Donovan used to drop it into his sets. It's amazing. He played it in Toronto and I almost freaked out.

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At 10:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous did sayeth:

I dont think there's much difference in talent between Jimmy Buffett and
Jack johnson-Just different generations. Buffet's peak was 30 years ago, Jack's is now. I was around for both and would think Jack should be compared to someone of the last 5-8 years so that one doesnt
appear ageist.


At 3:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous did sayeth:

It totally made my day to have Jimmy show up in Hyde Park to play "mother mother ocean" with JJ. It was great and I loved it. Of course I was going crazy since my heart is sailing through the carribean and the other brits next to me wondered who was on stage? Gotta love 2 legends merging the generations.


At 12:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous did sayeth:

Have to agree with the previous comment. I too was going crazy when Jimmy came out. I still can't believe it happened. Shame so many didn't apprecviate the enormity of the occasion as I believ Jimmy has only played in the UK once before, 2 songs at a benefit concert.

What is there to get about Jimmy. Well first off there is loyalty. Jimmy is loyal to his band and to fans, and they reciprocate that. Sure, I guess the concerts aren't as cutting edge as they were 25 years ago, but then neither are we. We don't drop someone who gave us so much pleasure just becuase he or we are getting older. So loyalty plays a big part for Buffett fans. He is also a man of the people, and that plays a part as most fans will have bought into the values he represents, so it's more than music, there'e an element of lifestyle in there. The giants in music always remain giants unless they really turn bad. And Jimmy is a giant.
A final point about Hyde Park. I think I'm right in thinking that G Love played harmonica on the Buffett song. He did a pretty good job, and could have been Fingers Taylor. Will that collaboration go on?


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