Monday, October 8, 2007

Between the Covers:: Sarah Harmer vs. The Weakerthans

As I mentioned the other day, the Ack is off getting is merd on, Hawaiian style, and like a Dad leaving his teenage son in charge of the house for the first time, he's left me with detailed instructions on what to post in his absence. Considering I already forgot to post his Sunday concert bulletin (Sea Wolf @ the Media Club, I hope you all went!), I might be heading towards a cyber-grounding. But enough waffle, let's hear what Bryan had to say about Between The Covers this week:

This one is multi-faceted. First, we are left and we are in Hawaii right now and leaving for the Fax when we get back. Second, Petra actually likes Sarah Harmer a lot. Third, this weekend, the Weakerthans brought their act to Vancouver, but sadly we missed that show.

MP3:: The Weakerthans - Left and Leaving

MP3:: Sarah Harmer - Left and Leaving

Sarah Harmer's version is live, done for a joint CBC show she did with the Weakerthans. I think Ack usually makes a pick between the two songs, and if I was forced to choose, I'd have to go with the original in this case. Sarah's version is quite beautiful, but Jon K. Sampson's unique yarns just seem to sound when matche with his voice.

Video:: Left and Leaving - Weakerthans

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At 3:14 AM, OpenID lightthematch did sayeth:

i know that this was posted a while ago, but is there anyone to fix the broken Sarah Harmer MP3 link? I'd love to add it to my collection..


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