Contests:: Free Eskimo Joe tickets & t-shirt

Hey, do you like Eskimo Joe? Well if you do, jump on the chance to get free tickets to their November 10th show here in Vancouver @ the Media Club in support of the new record - Black Fingernails, Red Wine. They are even going to throw in a band t-shirt and a poster. All in all, that's a solid dose of something for nothing.

To enter this contest, just leave your email address in the comments or send us an email:: herohill [at] gmail[dotcom].

But wait you say. I've never heard of them! Well, you could always check out a few songs on their myspace or grab the tracks we threw up in this post.

MP3:: New York
M4A:: New York (Teenager South of Huston mix)

@ 1:45 PM, Blogger Matt kicked the following game:

I love eskimo joe please send me some tickets


@ 8:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous kicked the following game:

eskimo joe hell yeah
hook me up


@ 11:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous kicked the following game:

I can't believe these tickets are only 10 bucks!

But freebies are even better :)


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