Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Greg Nice Lyric Book:: How To Flow

If you've spent even as little as 10 minutes with the Ack and I, you know that we enjoy the nonsense. We also have a great appreciation for old school hip hop. These two things are combined to fantastic effect in the lyrics of legendary old school MC Greg Nice, of Nice & Smooth fame. If you you've heard Greg, you know his stream of conciousness flow is truly bon-bonkares, and a couple years ago I tried my hand at deconstructing his lyrics.

Well, as a treat for you and I, the Ack has done the same with another Nice & Smooth classic. Enjoy:

Since Shane is holding down the fort for us, I decided to give you a taste of one of his classic ideas - How to Flow.

Now countries at war, little kids cry rape
HH:: Hey, there is lots of strife in the world, and Greg Nice is going to make sure you know about it. He was making conscious rhymes back when Busta Rhymes was pissed about not having a car to pull honies in.

Some are lyin, dyin, cryin, pullin on my cape
HH:: Again, not cool. People breaking commandments, and since Greg Nice is a rap superhero, his cape is getting pulled on as people beg for help

Massive meltdown, bring the red tape
HH:: I can only assume this is a quick rhyme about a nuclear meltdown and Greg has some killer red tape to slow the chemicals from drifting away and harming innocent people.

Back up victims who caught the vapes
HH:: Wait, he switches it up… letting people know about the vapors and who caught them

New lp, time to make papes
HH:: Time to get paid for the new record

Get the album, the single, cd and tapes
HH:: Why would you only buy the vinyl when they deliver tracks on cas-singles, compact discs and old skool tapes

Stylin, profilin, smilin, buck wil-in
HH:: He's cool, calm, collected, happy, but don't step to him as he might flip on you. He runs the gambit of emotions.

As the dough keeps on pilin
HH:: But not matter what, he still gets paid in long dollars.

Somebody's knockin at my do'
HH:: Someone stopped by to chill

(Who is it?) Somebody's ringin my bell
HH:: Greg Nice lets us know this person is not invited

(Should I let em in?) Oh, what the hell
HH:: BUT… that don't matter as he's down for whatever.

Flippin my wig like I never did before
HH:: His styles is getting switched up, even the wigs he doesn't wear.

Got my rhymes than the mighty Thor
HH:: Viking Emcees are going to get served if they battle Greg

Peace, arrivederci, I'm out the door
HH:: He tires of your antics, even if you are not speaking English.

MP3:: Nice & Smooth - How To Flow

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