Halifax Pop Explosion:: Featured Artist - These Electric Lives

It’s always nice when a Toronto-based band comes to Halifax to play a show, as most of the time it works the other way around. These Electric Lives are just such a band, as they’ll be playing Hell’s Kitchen on October 18th with Small Sins. TEL was founded by lead singer Mark Stanfield along with Bryan Lowe (guitar) and Gary Peter (bass), and also features Adam Balsam on drums and Griffon March on keyboards and percussion. I have to say, from what I’ve heard so far, when this quintet forms Voltron-style, they don’t slay anime robots, but rather make some incredibly catchy rock music.

Before you’re even a minute into the band’s self-titled, debut EP, you get the feeling you’re listening to a band who could very easily do big things. The propulsive guitar and soaring vocals of We Should Be Believing put it squarely into indie-anthem territory. Things aren’t any less anthemic on Soda Water, which reminds me an awful lot of Coast Is Clear from fellow Pop Explosion performers, In-Flight Safety. To me, that comparison makes sense, as both groups lean towards sweeping, large-scale indie-rock, although TEL put a more uptempo, almost new-wave twist on their version.

There really isn’t any drop-off with the remaining 3 songs on the EP, as both Teach Me To Focus and Wake me Up build steadily into full-fledged sing-along rockers by the end, and the 80’sish keyboards and electro-style drums on Keep Love Safe change things up a bit, but by the end the rest of the band has kicked in and it sounds just as full as the preceding tracks.

These Electric Lives’ bio describes their sound as “melodic dance rock”, and I certainly can’t disagree. Mark Stanfield sets the tone with an elastic voice that is able to go wherever he directs it, and the rest of the band does a great job creating the soundscapes I mentioned earlier. There’s a palpable energy on their EP, and I’d be shocked if the band weren’t able to take things up another notch at their live show. So if you’re going to be in Halifax for the Explosion, check them out at Hell’s Kitchen on the 18th, or check their myspace for a show near you.

MP3:: These Electric Lives - We Should Be Believing

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