Halifax Pop Explosion:: Featured Artist - The Bicycles

Is there anything better than bubblegum pop? Yes my friends there is, and it's bubble gum pop with a lo-fi, rough edge. If there is a better way to describe Pop Explosion guests The Bicycles, I don't know what it is.

This Toronto based band is full of energy and makes you want to reach into your stereo and give them a big hug. Don't believe me? Listen to Paris Be Mine and try not to feel better.

Anyway, this talented group will be bringing star shaped tambourines and lots of ass-shaking melodies to Halifax on October 16. They are playing a show with The Superfantastics, so it's possible that you could actually overdose on cute. Oh what a way to go! Also this could be one of the best shows of the entire Explosion. It's at the Attic and sponsored by Jagermeister, which means this might be the only time you had a cute experience after a night of Jager.
MP3:: Paris Be Mine
MP3:: Gotta Get Out

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