Monday, November 12, 2007

Between the Covers:: Super Daughter vs. The Fruit Bats

It's actually a holiday here in Canada (at least for the coasts), so as a result you may have to go another day without quality full reviews from the hill. It's also one of the worst day's in memory here in Vancouver, with pelting rain and windstorms ripping trees out of the ground and blowing residual trash from the garbage strike all over the place. Unlike American Beauty, trash bags flying up to our sixth floor apartment isn't the most beautiful thing in the world.

Anyway, we planned to head to the water and take a walk, but that plan is DOA. But, it would have tied in nicely with this cover battle. The Fruit Bats are one of those bands that always get overlooked. They have two great records out on Subpop, but no one ever really cares. Eric's music has always been perfect for those cold, autumn days and his 70's folk style is one I consistenly revisit each and every time the leaves start changing.

MP3:: Seaweed - Fruit Bats
This is a great track from the Mouthfuls record. The boy/girl harmonies are perfect along side the delicate finger picked riff. The track really speaks for itself, or at least better than I can. "If I broke my jaw for you..."

MP3:: Seaweed - Super Daughter
Super Daughter is a band that was recommended by Morgan over @ Yerbird records. If you like folk, you'd be wise to listen to what he has to say, and Super Daughter is case in point. This is a live version of Seaweed, and aside from the laughter and audience noise, it stays pretty true to form. A nice little tribute to a band all too many people forget.

MP3:: Slipping Through the Sensors - The Fruit Bats

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