Contest:: Annuals, Manchester Orchestra tickets + 7"

No time for a real post, I'm in San Francisco for work. Good news is I'll be checking out the Grand Archives tonight. Bad news, I had to get up at 4AM to fly here and I feel like Tori Spelling looks. So, in the mean time you should all go read Shane's review of Catherine MacLellan's record and take a quick second to enter this contest.

Annuals and Manchester Orchestra are on tour together and to get the kids ready they took the time to record a tour only 7". The a-side is Annuals covering MO, and the b-side? Yip, it's MO covering Annuals.

So here's the deal. The show is at the Plaza here in Vancouver on Nov. 11. We are giving away tickets for you and a guest, plus a copy of the 7". Not bad for simply putting your email in the comments or sending us an email: herohill[at]gmail dot com.

We are picking the winner on Nov. 9th, so get your emails in ASAP.

MP3::Where Have You Been - Annuals
MP3:: Brother - Manchester Orchestra

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