News:: Mike Doughty - New album and Vancouver show

Over the years, there are few artists I've seen more than Mike Doughty, which is shocking as I'm not a huge Soul Coughing fan. He's one of the few artists that could play the same songs to you 20 times, and each set would feel completely different. He can stand on stage by himself and make you shut up (even if it's by stopping his songs mid sentence and playing the "shut the eff up" game).

Well, after the boost he caught he got from Haughty Melodic, Doughty has been relatively silent. This week though, he announced he's going to release his follow-up on ATO records, entitled Golden Delicious.

To celebrate the release, he's touring across the country on the Question Jar tour. Basically, he's going to take requests (and play some new ones) and answer questions from a jar he has beside him. Now, in theory this idea is horrible - I mean, fans with that much freedom will be bonkers, and people already yell Freebird at every one of his shows - but Doughty is a pretty amazing performer. He's got quick wit and isn't afraid to heckle a heckler.

The tour stops here in Vancouver @ the Red Room on Dec. 1st/07. Regardless of how much you like or dislike his music, the experience of the show should make this one you don't want to miss.
MP3:: Unsingable name (live)
MP3:: Sunken-eyed Girl (live)
MP3:: I Want the Girl in the Blue Dress to Keep Dancing

Yes, I realize this post is like a clip show. There are very few releases coming out right now that are really getting me excited. How long till the end-of-the-year stuff starts?

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