News:: The Saints Are Finally Here

Drew about to let abother one flyBack in September I was looking for songs to help ring in the new NFL season and to herald the typhoon of kick-assery my Saints were going to unleash on the rest of the league. I went with the ubiquitous The Saints Are Coming by U2 and Green Day as well as Saints At The Gates by Toronto's excellent The Golden Dogs. Those certainly did the trick, but I also found another gem, a little ditty called The Way I Live (N.O. Saints Remix) by hip hop legend Baby Boy Da Prince.

I'm being a bit facetious about the legend bit, as I have no idea who Baby Boy Da Prince is. I will, however, go out on a limb and guess that because he's written a song about the Saints, that he's from New Orleans. Apparently this is a Saints version of a a regular song, but sadly, because my knowledge of Baby Boy Da Prince's catalogue is limited and/or non-existent, I can't compare the two versions. This one name drops all the Saints players, ironically mentioning Michael "Beerman" Lewis first. It's ironic because as you no doubt are aware, The Beerman now plays for the 49ers. Well he doesn't exactly mention all the players mostly the offence (big up to Joe Horn, now in Atlanta!), but I hear Charles Grant getting a couple shout outs. The non-asian assassin Scott Fujita should've got a shout-out too in my opinion.

Anyway, I planned to share this little ditty once the Saints won their first game, but by the time that happened, they were coming off 4 losses in a row and I wasn't much interested in celebrating. Well, now they've won 4 in a row, are 1 game out of first place, and I've changed my tune a bit. It's unfortunate that their latest win had to come at the expense of the Jaguars, as the hill's favorite Markham-based Floridian, the T-Stick, is a huge Jags fan, but we needed the win big time. Sorry T! But the Saints need to keep on winning, as 4-4 is a long way from a playoff spot. Things are finally looking up though, so enjoy some Saints-themed mediocre hip hop to help get you through your Wednesday.

MP3:: Baby Boy Da Prince - The Way I Live - (N.O. Saints Remix)

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