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Old School Mondays:: De La Soul & Nine

Herohill hearts Hall & Oates. That's not just catchy sloganeering, that's a fact. In all honesty, we're not even all that sure why, but Ack & I share a fondness for the kings of 80's blue eyed soul (a good point to be made here, don't ask us about anything the H & O have done recently, cause we haven't heard it). So when I discovered Classified's Life's A Bitch while reviewing his new retrospective, While You Were Sleeping,it got me thinking about where else H & O has been used in hip hop. So I racked my brain, consulted Monsieur Google, and came up with two solid songs. The first, which I would expect most people to guess, is De La Soul's Say No Go, and for seconds we have Nine's Da Fundamentalz off his much, rap-nerd loved debut, Nine Livez.

MP3:: De La Soul - Say No Go
If you're at all interested in golden age hip hop (you didn't just end up here randomly and decide, for whatever reason, to continue reading my ramblings about old school hip hop) then you surely know this jam. Hopefully you also love it. If you don't, I'm sorry to say, there is something wrong with you. Either way, I love it long time. It's perhaps my favorite song on the bonafide classic 3 Feet High And Rising, I also have a thing for the under-appreciated Eye Know. Anyway, despite this song being about crack, or the freebase, or base, as it was called back then, it is ridiculously infectious. Addictive even, like some kind of drug that you create with boiling water and baking soda...I'll cut that off right here. Anyway, Prince Paul jacks a bit of I Can't Go For That to construct a bouncy beat similar to H & O's version and they scratch in Hall's buttery vocals for the hook. But it's not only the beat and chorus that make this such a winner, both Pos and Dave ride this track in the effortless, yet skill-filled, style they would go on to perfect. I don't think the De La MC's get enough credit for how talented they are, but just check out this song where almost all of Pos' lines are notable and/or quotable:

Run me a score from the Funky Four Plus One More
(It's the joint!)
Rewind that back
This is the age for a new stage of fiend
Watch how the junkies scream
It's the crack
Plain is plain it should explain it from the start
Behind the ideals of cranking up the heart
Now the base claim's shot over every part

Great stuff. And not to be left behind, Dave holds his own:

Drugs are like Pleather, You don't wanna wear it


MP3:: Nine - Da Fundamentalz
Yes, this is the obscure-ish position of the program. Nine is under-appreciated by the masses, but his 1995 debut Nine Livez is a favorite amongst the hip hop blogging set. This Bronx native was kicking the raspy ballistics when Ja Rule was just knee-high to a grasshopper. Well, I suppose Ja is still only knee-high to a grasshopper, but I think you get my semi-humorous drift. He makes you believe the raspiness isn't a gimmick, and the production on the album was also stellar. Whutcha Want? was kind of a big song and caused me to procure a copy of this on cassette way back when. As far as I know, Da Fundamentalz doesn't actually sample One On One, but during the first verse Nine actually breaks into a grimmed-out croon of the song, which, simply put, is awesome. You really have to hear it for yourself, but Nine's version of Hall's "anymooooaaaaare" ad-lib is my highlight. Well, that and when he says "My name is Nine and your name is Mud". Also enjoyable. It's a solid jam though, check out the whole album if you're looking for some mid-90's grimmy-ness.

Video:: Say No Go - De La Soul

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At 1:42 PM, Blogger Declare Independence.Raise Your Own Flag. did sayeth:

girl talk uses i can't go for that


At 8:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous did sayeth:

Besides De La Soul sampling their 80's music I think Mike Roberts sampled Oates's look in the 90's...



At 8:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous did sayeth:

I wanna know wher ei can get the Nine Livez Cd...Nobody even heard of Nine...And I tried Lime wire and some other online music gettin programs and its like he never existed??Please help and please dont say "Ebay"...i hate ebay!!!!


At 8:27 PM, Blogger naedoo did sayeth:

Like all things in life right now, the answer is in the blogs.


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