Monday, November 5, 2007

Old School Mondays:: Redhead Kingpin & Public Enemy

This past week in one of our extremely intellectual conversations, the Ack dropped a Radio Raheem reference. If you don't know who Radio Raheem is without consulting Dr. Google, you need to do me a favour, close out this browser and go rent Do The Right Thing. Seriously, although Spike Lee can be a bit of wang at times, this movie is fantastic. It was, is, and will forever be one of my favorite movies, and Radio Raheem is one of the movie's main characters. So, today's jams are my two favorite songs associated with the movie.

MP3:: Redhead Kingpin & The FBI - Do The Right Thing
You could try and make a case for someone other than the Redhead one for hip hop's premier red-haired MC, but you'd be wasting your time. Redhead Kingpin exploded onto the scene 1989 with this incredibly catchy, Teddy Riley-produced banger. I'm not sure what the real story is, but as one would gather from the title, this song was recorded with the intention it would be the lead single for the movie, but for whatever reason Spike went with PE. Using PE as the main single is understandable, as their jam is a monster, but why not put this one on the soundtrack at least? Redhead might've been fairly un-known at the time, but one listen back then could've told Spike this would be a big song (if he even listened to the songs before they ended up on the soundtrack). I mean there's not even any other hip hop songs on the album? I guess the soundtrack was to reinforce the fact that this was a "serious" movie, hence the presence of Al Jarreau and Ruben Blades on the soundtrack (now if it was Ruben Mayes you'd have something! Saints have won 4 in a row, look out NFL!). But it's digression time I would say. This really is close to a perfect rap song for 1989: catchy as hell, sample-based beat and classic lyrics with an attempt at a positive message. Fantastic song, if for some reason you haven't heard this, check it out now for sure.

MP3:: Public Enemy - Fight The Power
I doubt I need to say much about this one. Fight The Power would've been a huge song for PE even if it wasn't featured prominently in the movie, but with the movie it easily became the biggest song in their long career. This was probably the apex of PE's career. They certainly had some decent songs after this, but I would say this is the intersection of their popularity and quality of performance. I mean just check out the video, people are absolutely losing it. With good reason, it's tremendous, the cacophonous Bomb Squad beat and Chuck's classic lines. Say "89 that number, another summer" to anyone who listened to any hip hop in the early 90's, and they'll know the song instantly. Probably not my favorite PE song, but it would be mighty close. Enjoy.

Video:: Redhead Kingpin & The FBI - Do The Right Thing

Video:: Public Enemy - Fight The Power

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