Thursday, November 29, 2007

Posse Cuts:: EPMD - Headbanger

As we've been saying the last week or so, things are very slow here at the hill as we come up on year end. However, the Ack and I are working to ensure we still have some fresh content for you. Bearing that in mind, it seemed like a perfect time to roll out another edition of posse cuts. And what a cut we have. Headbanger appeared on EPMD's classic 1992 album, Business Never Personal and features longtime EPMD affiliates K-Solo and Redman. This is not only a classic posse cut in the annals of 90's hip hop history, but it is an absolute High School classic for the Ack & I. This album came out right in the middle of our high school glory, and so neither of us can hear it without thinking of huge spectacles, polo button ups, huge parts, and Starter jackets. You can guess which of us sported what from that sentence.

This song also has one of the classic openings from the golden age, as Redman bellows "Negroes!!!!!!!!" right before the beat comes in. The start of the song sounds like it samples a couple seconds of Mary Jane before the oft-used "Impeach The President" drums and a fat bassline kick in. It is the kind of big, raucous beat that's perfect for a posse cut, and all the MC's seem uber-hyped in their verse. Even Erick Sermon, who's usually way laid back, gets amped up when he gets on after Parrish.

I've always been a huge EPMD fan, but for me, this song is all about K-Solo and Redman. Solo isn't off-the-wall clever like Redman, but he's solid with the lyrics and has one of the most rugged flows known to man. He kind of reminds me of Freddie Foxxx, cause when he says "I knock punks out quick like Evander Holyfield", I absolutely believe he would. He also finishes with one of my favorite verse-ending lines:

The Fugitive's gone peace, I'm outta here later
And here's a finger, to all you non movin spectators

Redman hits cleanup on this track, and he 100% kills it. Like a lot of dudes my age, Redman has always been a favorite of mine. His combination of hype flow, clever wordplay and general not-give-a-fackness set him apart from anyone else in the game at the time, and there still really isn't anyone that can really compare to Red when he's on. If you've ever wondered where all the fuss over Redman comes from, just listen to his verse on this song, if you don't think he steals the show, then you're one contrary bastard. Seriously:

Yes the Redman that's what they call me
Wicked with the style you think I have cerebral palsy
Like AAIEEAHAAA, cause I freak the styles crazy
Lullaby your stupid ass, Rockabye Baby!
The Funkadelic Devil hit your ass with a level from the new school
and still holdin my jewels!

Great stuff. EPMD broke up after this album, ironically over some shady business, which might explain why that never became one of their album titles. Dr. Google tells me this album is the only EPMD album out of print, which is odd (thank god I still have my cassette copy!), so this may be your only chance to hear this. Well here, or perhaps 600 places on the internet. Also, because I like you, you're a good guy Mr. Faithful Posse Cuts reader, I've included Knick Knack Patty Wack from Unfinished Business, which also includes K-Solo. Enjoy.

MP3:: EPMD - Headbanger

MP3:: EPMD - Knick Knack Patty Wack

Video:: EPMD f. K-Solo & Redman

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At 2:02 PM, Blogger Michael did sayeth:

Wow HeroHill. EPMD's Business Never Personal was the first CD I ever purchased. Thanks for reminding me! I miss it. Love, Oweihops


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