Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Reviews and Redux:: Titans of Filth & Egghead

Admittedly, I've only given the 13-minute Titans of Filth EP - Feats of Strength - a few listens so I can't really unveil too many thoughts about it. But I think that's why it jumped to the top of the pile this AM.

The simple chords, quirky vocals and catchy melodies reminded me of one of my old skool favorites - Egghead.(yes the period is part of their name) - and it's music that doesn't try to make you think. So here is a joint post for y'all.

Titans of Filth is an Athens outfit that is being hyped as a Beat Happening/Magnetic Fields sounds with Smiths-esque narratives. I don't really hear much of any of those bands in the mix, but that's probably because I'm not really trying to make that leap. For me, trying to identify sounds and make comparisons is less important than finding music I can bop around to when need be.

The summery, crunchy, quirky tracks are quick hitting with a steady beat, and the lyrics are more thought provoking than you'd expect. Sympathetic Mind is an interesting look at how kids must feel in today's terror world and Ann Rogers voice is terrific.

The violin and recorder add that little pop to my other favorite track, The Great Rewards In Being Considered Normal and the simplicity of Swinging Lovers shows that you don't need 15 people and huge booming walls of sound to make people move around with a smile. All in all, this little EP could be the ray of sunshine you need.
MP3:: Sympathetic Mind


Egghead. broke up while most of our readers were still in Junior High ('98). I had only one record - the consolidation piece called Dumb Songs For Smart People. I ordered it from Mutant Pop's paper catalog and played it enough that most of my Pittsburgh friends hated the band. It mattered little to me, as the ridiculous subject matter and infectious hooks were too good to pass up.

Egghead is what I think of when I hear the term pop-punk (not things like Blink 182) and I always thought Donna's Always mad at Me should have been featured on 70's show. If you are stuck in the year-end blues, here's a blast from the past for you to check out:
MP3:: Donna's Always Mad At Me
MP3:: Neighborhood Palm Reader


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