Between the covers:: Jawbreaker vs Speaker Speaker

It's been a while since the last between the covers. I could say I've been lazy and not many covers have moved me lately, but more likely my obsession over some terrific bands is to blame.

Anyway, Jawbreaker will always be one of my favorite bands. Blake's work with JTB was fantastic, but it's Jawbreaker that keeps me coming back time and time again. So when I saw Speaker Speaker did a cover of Do You Still Hate Me? (not Kiss the Bottle or Boxcar), I was sold.

MP3:: Jawbreaker - Do You Still Hate Me?

MP3:: Speaker Speaker - Do You Still Hate Me?
For an up and coming band to tackle a track that every fan would be ready to rip apart... they do a great job. Lots of energy and they keep the lo-fi drone around. At times I keep thinking the lead singer is actually from the Thermals... but who cares? That's my hang up not theirs and this cover is a ripper.

Of course, Jawbreaker gets the nod, but this is just another reason Speaker Speaker could be one of the bands that makes you remember punk rock.

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