Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Big Ups:: Montreal, Quebec

Once again it's on. And by "it" I mean the Big Ups, and by "once again" I mean bi-weekly as I either forget about my weekend section or I'm too busy to get to it. But anyway, this is a good one as the hill says big up to the city that's been the epicenter of Canada's indie music revival over the last few years: Montreal.

Surely music fans in the US and beyond have heard of Montreal, but I'm not sure how much people outside Canada know about Montreal other than "Arcade Fire is from there!". Well, if it's Montreal facts you're after, Captain Wiki has what you need - I couldn't say anything relevant about a city as complex as Montreal without rambling on forver, so we'll skip the factual portion.

I'll be honest, I'm not intimately familiar with Montreal's music scene. Certainly I'm aware of the big names, but as far as what's on the uptake in the Montreal music scene, I needed to do a bit of research. So I checked out some best of Montreal lists from this year, and this one was my favorite due to the fact that Arcade Fire was not only voted Best Musical Act, but they also took home Most Pretentious Local Act as well. Just kind of funny. Anyway, another group on the Mirror's Best Musical Act list was Code Pie, who I knew nothing about, but they have a catchy, uptempo sound that I enjoy, so big up to them and big up to Montreal.

Here's Code Pie's Conway Killjoy, enjoy.

MP3:: Code Pie - Conway Killjoy

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