Friday, December 7, 2007

News:: Frontier Ruckus

Bring the mutha-f&cking; ruckus. Well actually don't. Despite the perfect Wu style name, Frontier Ruckus plays intimate folk songs, laced with banjo, pedal steel, and beautiful harmonies that hit you with the warmth of a summer breeze on sun kissed faces.

Hailing from Ann Arbor - and since Chris Bathgate, Canada and That's Him! That's The Guy! call that college town home, I'd say it's become a bustling hotbed of great folk music - this sextet is my latest, greatest obsession.

I'll review their debut EP soon so I won't go into too much detail, but I couldn't wait to start singing their praises. I guarantee that a single listen of Dark Autumn Hour will be enough to make you fall in love with this band. The banjo grabs you right away and multi-instrumentalist Zach Nichol's melodica really meshes well. As the track reveals itself, song writer Matthew harmonizes with Anna perfectly over interspersed flourishes of guitar, xylophone and brushed drums.

Adirondack Amish Hollar features a haunting singing saw and harmonica and The Blood is a drum driven track with beautiful horns that builds so nicely it's impossible to ignore the power of the vocals. The range of emotion and diversity they show is impressive, and I think they are on their way to becoming a regular topic of discussion on the hill.

They are offering up a boatload of demos and older songs on their web site, but one look at the incredible packaging of the EP make it a must buy.

MP3::Adirondack Amish Holler
MP3:: The Blood
MP3:: Rosemont - live on WDET


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At 1:41 PM, Anonymous Smansmith did sayeth:

Frontier Ruckus are fantastic! This ep is one of the year's best releases. Nice post to include it.


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