News:: Halifax Holiday Concert Hopes to Spread L.O.V.E.

Or more accurately, benefit L.O.V.E. Tomorrow night (Thursday, Dec. 20th) a number of fine local artists will be performing at the North Street Church in support of the non-profit organization L.O.V.E. (Leave Out ViolenE). The show starts at 8PM, is hosted by recent hill reviewees, i see rowboats (who will also perform), and also features the following acts: Brent Randall and his Pinecones, Rich Aucoin, Rebekah Higgs, the Sakura Quartet, and the First Visit. You probably don't need me to tell you, but that's a stellar lineup.

Here's a bit more about L.O.V.E.:

Leave Out ViolencE is a unique long-term violence-prevention youth program. Victims, witnesses and perpetrators of violence undertake multi-media and leadership training to develop the positive life-skills, sense of community & critical thinking that enable youth to analyze causes of, and alternatives to, violence. Through LOVE, youth see the impact they have on others: youth choose to use their voice to educate themselves, their peers and our communities.

Considering violence is such a hot-button issue in Halifax right now, and likely with good reason, this seems like a program we could absolutely use here. So go see some great acts tomorrow night and support a worth cause, seems like a holiday win-win in my book.

MP3:: i see rowboats - In Cars
MP3:: Rich Aucoin - We, The Dishonest, Honestly Swear
MP3:: Rebekah Higgs - Love Is

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