Wednesday, December 12, 2007

News:: Ladyhawk & Bison + Free Okkervil River

Just a quick post to get your morning started. Ladyhawk and Bison are playing a show together on January 12th @ the Astoria.

Even with my degree in Chemistry I have no idea is involved in the reaction that causes faces to melt, but I'm think I read that both bands are probably essential elements.
MP3:: Dugout - Ladyhawk

In other great news that you will read 15 times before seeing it here... Okkervil River is offering up a 9-song covers record (well, one is a classic OR track) for $0.00.

Sheff and the band take a run at Joni, Serge, and a classic John Cale track from Paris 1919. Interestingly enough, Miracle Fortress chose a cover from this record too. Like C & C said, "hmmmm...."
MP3:: Antarctica Starts Here

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