News:: Special Ed @ The Marquee

Why I only heard about this a couple days ago is beyond me. Also, why Special Ed chooses to come to Halifax on a night that P and I have to attend Christmas party that's been scheduled for months is also beyond me. So yeah, I won't be there but this should be an excellent show all around. The legendary Special Ed in Halifax at the Marquee? If you care at all about hip hop (and aren't and old-ass man with a Christmas party to attend), you should hit this. Ghettosocks and Spesh K will also be representing the Haltown hip hp scene, while Jordan Croucher will also be bringing his hip hop-ish R&B; stylings to the bill as well.

Anyway the hill loves Special Ed and I'm sorry I won't be making it out to this. I have all three of his early album on cassette, including Revelations, which I always loved even though I'm fairly certain it went wood in the hood. We've featured Special Ed before on Old School Mondays, and I have a sneaking suspicion you might be getting more Special Ed this Monday. Here are some re-upped songs from that OSM post (and a bonus, the remix of I'm The Magnificent) that I'm sure Ed will break out on Saturday night. Unless he decides to treat Halifax to-all new material. Nah, that doesn't seem likely. Enjoy, and if anyone checks this out after seeing the show Saturday, let us know how it went.

MP3:: Special Ed - I Got It Made

MP3:: Special Ed - Think About It

MP3:: Special Ed - I'm the Magnificent (Remix)

Video:: Special Ed - I Got It Made

Video:: Special Ed - I'm the Magnificent

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