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Old School Mondays:: MCJ & Cool G Re-Up

Yes, this is actually their second album.  It is also the only image of them I could find.This appears to be the first re-up I've done for Old School Mondays. They weren't actually posted for Old School Mondays, but for DITT ("Digging In The Tapes"), which was a section I started with the intention of posting songs from my old hip hop tapes as I converted them to MP3. However, soon after I started this section, I realized A) converting tapes to MP3's is a long boring process, and B) tons of hardcore dudes had already beat me to it, making almost any album I was going to convert already available. Well almost everything, as we're probably the only place where you can find one of our original DITT posts: MCJ & Cool G's So Listen.

Most of our non-Canadian readers surely haven't heard of MCJ nor Cool G, so this one is really a little pre-Christmas treat for our fellow old-school Canucks. Over the last couple weeks I've had a couple people get in touch to request a copy of "So Listen" (the links on the original post are dead), and one of the original dancers for the group left a comment on the original post, so for whatever reason, there seems to be a surge of renewed interest in these Halifax hip hop pioneers. As a refresher, here's a few quotes from my original post:

If you're Canadian, and you were in Junior High or High School in 1990, you know who MCJ & Cool G are. Or more likely, you not only know who they are, but you busted a funky running man to their mega-hit So Listen at a school dance.

James McQuaid (MCJ) and Cool G (Richard Gray) were originally from Halifax (Uniacke Square and Mulgrave Park respectively I think, but I could be wrong) but relocated to Montreal to make a run at the music biz. In 1989 they became the first black act to be signed by Capital records in Canada. In 1990 they dropped their debut album So Listen, which featured the singles Smooth as Silk and the aforementioned title track. The album produced three Juno nominations for the duo and cemented their place as pioneers in the Canadian hip hop biz.

MCJ and Cool G called their style "Double R&B;" (Rap, Rhythm & Blues) due to the fact that MCJ handled the majority of the rappin' duties while Cool G kicked a few rhymes, but was like an old-school, Haligonian Nate Dogg, singing on most of the jams.

Apparently, according to the aforementioned MCJ & Cool G backup dancer, MCJ is back in Halifax working on the production side of things (check his myspace) and "Coolg is out West as a family man". So big up to the man known as "style" for that info. Surely So Listen will bring back memories for plenty, and those who have no idea who they are, but enjoy some New Jack with their swing should also indulge.

MP3:: MCJ & Cool G - So Listen
MP3:: MCJ & Cool G - So Listen (Radio Remix)
This is the hit right here. The beat is simple drum machine styles, and the rhymes are perhaps even more basic, but in 1990 this was a large jam. It was on regular, commercial radio here in Halifax and even throughout Canada, which was mighty impressive considering Canadian radio at that time was whiter than a Polar Bear in Whitehorse. I don't have much else to really say about it, except perhaps that the mid-tempo beat was perfectly suited for rap-dancing. The sound on this has a large blip about a minute in, but it's dubbed from a cassette and these things happen. You understand. I'm thinking now I should've posted the remix as well, perhaps I'll get that up later. If anyone has the video, youtube-age would be a good idea.

MP3:: MCJ & cool G - Back To Fax
This song is mainly notable because it's about Halifax (Fax!). When this album dropped people heard this song and said "This song is about Halifax! We live in Halifax!". This led to much rejoicing. Maybe. Or probably not. I posted Smooth As Silk with the original post, but on reflection, I think I enjoyed this song more. Why is that? Listening to it now, I have no idea. It could be for the serious tale of Frankie Harvey and the troubles he faced. Or it could be for the liberal use of the "orchestra hit" button on the casio this beat was created on. Anyway enjoy this, and if you're one of the many folks coming back to Haltown for the holidays, consider this can be your anthem.

MP3:: MCJ & Cool G - Smooth As Silk
By request, here's a re-up for the other single from this album. If you enjoy smoothness, or silk, well you'd be foolish to pass this up.

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At 10:46 AM, Blogger ack did sayeth:

Man, this was such the jam times infinity. I made a mix tape that had this song on it like 5 times on one side of a TDK 90.


At 12:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous did sayeth:

awesome and excellent... please oh please repost 'smooth as silk' - been searching years, years and years for this groove with your '404error' link being the closest hope i've found.

regardless, thanks for these!


At 9:36 PM, Blogger naedoo did sayeth:

You ask, we deliver. Enjoy.


At 12:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous did sayeth:



At 5:17 PM, Anonymous mark did sayeth:

My boss used to be a dancer wtih them , i'm trying to get a pic of the crew and some of the music anybody have their albums?


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