Tuesday, January 29, 2008

IDOW:: Thursday NIght

What's on tap for Thursday night at the In The Dead Of Winter festival? I'm glad you asked. Sure, you could always check out the schedule, but I took the trouble to create this handy dandy table below for you.

Thursday, Janauary 31, 2008
 Italian Cultural CentreFRED
7:00Pamela UnderwaterSongwriter's Circle:
Kev Corbett, Zac Crouse, Ruth Minnikin
8:00Matthew de ZoetePeter Katz
9:00Erin CosteloSongwriter's Circle:
Ron Leary, Jenny Omnichord, Steve Stacey
10:00Great Lake SwimmersDavid Celia
10:30Meaghan Smith

Certainly a jam-packied evening of singers and songwriters. Some wonderful local ladies, and some fine gentlemen from Upper Canada. Pamela Underwater (nee McInnes) has played with the Museum Pieces and the Middleclass Pushovers in the past, but has decided to try her hand at a solo record, and her electronic-influenced sound is quite interesting. Erin Costelo released a very well recieved album this past year (The Trouble and The Truth), and I have no doubt that Meaghan Smith's upcoming album (Take Me Dancing) will be as well received upon it's release.

I'm not as familiar with the Upper Canadian gents on the schedule (Matthew de Zoete, Peter Katz, and David Celia) but even a brief perusal of their respective myspaces shows them all to be rather talented. And of course, an appearance by the Great Lake Swimmers is always a welcome development. All in all it should make for two pretty solid evenings.

MP3:: Pamela Under Water - Perfect Storm
MP3:: Great Lake Swimmers - I Am Part Of A Large Family (Live)
MP3:: Great Lake Swimmers - Your Rocky Spine

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