Tuesday, January 22, 2008

News:: Brockway Biggs Presents: 2008 Canadian Rap Future Superstars

You really have to admire the moxie of one Troy Neilson, aka Brockway Biggs. As we've seen on the hill many times, there aren't many folks in Canada that can match the hustle of our friends in Alberta hip hop, but Brockway gives them a run for their money. Not only did he release his first album under his new Brockway moniker (we talked to him about the album in September), but he still found time to compile his annual Canadian hip hop mix to close out the year.

Troy's always been a huge supporter of Canadian hip hop, and this year's mix is no exception as it's aimed at the future of Canadian hip hop. Luckily for you, the future is now - the album is available for free as a download at Brockway's site. Plenty of the artists featured on the album were also featured on the hill last year, folks like Ghettosocks, J-Bru, Ira Lee, Moka Only (hmmm, Moka Only, future star? Hasn't he been on the scene for a while? I'll digress...), Touch & Nato, and Spesh K, but here's the full tracklist:

Brockway Biggs (Ottawa) - Heretics Heritage Intro f. DJ STV, DJ Ducats & Skratch Bastid
Ghettosocks (Halifax) - I Invented Everything feat Jabba tha Cutt
Rhythmicru (Toronto) - Here It Comes feat Shad K
Seazon (Toronto) - The Reporter (radio edit)
DNA (Fredericton) - The North Side
Atherton & Sire (Ottawa/Toronto) - Mean Miss Treater
Above (Saint John) - Christie
J-Bru (Halifax) - I Love You Ma
Empire (Toronto) - No Where
Ira Lee (Regina) - Msssissppppi
Mr. Quibble (Toronto) - Windseeker
Moka Only (Vancouver) - The Taste
Lady Precise (of Stinkmitt) (Vancouver) - Movin Up feat Emotion
Trobiz (Halifax) - Grindin feat Damon Daye
Jordan Croucher (Halifax) - Ain't Hard To Find feat Classified & Mic Boyd
Touch & Nato (Edmonton) - Can't Hold Me Back feat Chazm & Nomad
Art of Fresh (Toronto) - Get Free
Brockway Biggs (Ottawa) - Canada Dry feat Nicole Rushton
Spesh K (Halifax) - Saturday Night
Thorowbredz (Ottawa) - Gangsta Lean
Assen K / Self Driven (Ottawa) - 3 Strikes
The EquAzn (Calgary) - Right Now
Young Sin (Vancouver) - Listen
Boz Faramone (Ottawa) - BBQ (So Good) feat Moka Only
Sean One (Fredericton) - Gangstah Boogie Outro

So there you have it, plenty of free Canadian hip hop there for the taking, what's wrong with that? Not much I'd say.

MP3:: Rhythmicru f. Shad K - Here It Comes

MP3:: Mr. Quibble - Windseeker

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