Friday, January 18, 2008

News:: Shulyer Jansen + Deep Dark Woods

Seriously. I know Vancouver is considered a beautiful, green city but walking to work today was like being trapped in a real-life version of Grandmaster Flash's The Message. I watched two people sprinting away from cops. A restaurant on my normal walking route had its windows smashed out and a hobo was pissing on the door of a building.

"Broken glass everywhere, people pissing in the stairs like they just don't care."

Luckily, tonight at the Railway Club (starting @ 10) there is a great show that will help us all feel like we are miles away from any urban center/public urination wall. Shuyler Jansen and Deep Dark Woods are bringing their country fused goodness to Vancouver and it couldn't come at a better time.

Shuyler's latest record - Today's Remains - is terrific, full of down and out country tracks with a surprising amount of rock and grit. Shuyler's always been great at crossing genres and pushing the boundaries of "country" music (just listen to Hobotron). Seriously, this record and show are worth it even if you just listen to Pegasus.
[MP3]:: Pegasus
This song is a 5-minute epic, slow burner. If you don't get swept up in the story you might probably have no emotion (well at least not attached to music). It's one of my most listened to songs from last year.

Saskatoon is so hot bed of music these days and Deep Dark Woods is just one of the many good bands coming from our flattest province. This quartet falls into the more traditional folk/country side of the equation, and are going to be a great primer for Shuyler's set.
[MP3]:: Hang Me, Oh Hang Me

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