Monday, January 28, 2008

Old School Mondays:: Low Profile

The notion of "paying dues" comes up now and again when writing reviews, and neither the Ack nor I can contemplate this notion without thinking of seminal west coast group Low Profile. Low Profile, comprised of W.C. and DJ Aladdin, is an almost mythic golden age group that put out one album, 1991's We're In This Together, which featured the awesome Pay Ya Dues. Ack has mentioned Low Pro in a review, and I thought of Pay Ya Dues this week when I was reviewing The Northwest Division's of which I'm the master. So this album seemed like a perfect choice for OSM.

I've actually discussed this album already, but it was in a post about DJ Aladdin and the awesome things he's up to now. Not to discount W.C.'s contribution, as he's certainly one of the West Coast's most influential MC's, being a part of not only Low Profile, but also W.C and The Maad Circle and Westside Connection, but, at least for me, it's Aladdin that gives Low Pro it's mystique. I mean, look at this video, how many battle DJ's can you recall having a solid jheri curl like that? Watch it bounce as he does his spins, it's really quite something. Anyway, I know this album has been been talked about plenty times before, but it's so good I certainly thought it was worth featuring on OSM. I went with the probably the two most well known tracks, Funky Song and Pay Ya Dues.

MP3:: Low Profile - Funky Song
This song was the album opener, and unlike milk on a hot San Diego morning, it was a wise choice. Aladdin cuts the bejebus out of the track, which is mighty catchy, with it's violin stabs, Jimmy Castor horns, and addictive Ripple chorus. If you only know the "WESTSSSIIIIDE" W.C., this'll show you that he's actually a tremendous MC. Great song, it's aged very well, I like it as much now as I ever did.

MP3:: Low Profile - Pay Ya Dues
This is truly an old school classic. It doesn't have Aladdin scratches, but it has an awesome west coast bass-filled beat and W.C. absolutely kills it with his rant about overnight rappers. The funny bit is that this song is more appropriate now than ever. The last verse about a dude putting on a gangster front to sell records still applies to one or two(hundred) dudes in the biz right now. So many great lines: "Talkin bout a new style, you know who you sound like? KRS, Chuck D, Kool Moe, as one, yellin' on the mic like the name was Run". This was always a favorite: "Now tell me, ain't this a blip? Somebody need to slap the perpetrator in the lip". Man, I could listen to this all day back in the day. In fact I probably still could. A must-hear if you aren't familiar with it.

Video:: Low Profile - Funky Song

Video:: Low Profile - Pay Ya Dues

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