Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Reviews:: The Dalloways Dirty Money and Filthy Love

I really wasn't sure what to expect from this California outfit, especially when they cited the Decemberists and the Dears as comparable acts. To be honest, I don't really hear much of either act in the Dalloways dream pop, but I do hear traces of another act I thoroughly enjoy. The brit-pop/Moz influence on the Gerhard Enns' delivery and the band's floating melodies are very comparable to Memphis (the solo project of Stars front man Torq Campbell).

The opener, Dirty Money and Filthy Love has all the elements of the spacey, dream pop you'd expect from any 80's, UK influenced act; a pleasant fuzzed out bass line, nice horns, rapid fire drums and Cortnie Cleary Enns' slow descending female backing vocals to compliment the strong male lead. But as the EP unfolds, you start to hear the subtle influences that help this band stand out.

The vocals on tracks like Me and Thomas Hardy grab you instantly, but it's a more subdued number driven by a nice bouncy bass line and a nice build of staccato guitar bursts and hand claps. Gerhard is confident and let's his vocals soar at the right times, but he's able to settle back into the mix and let Wall's adventurous bass lines bubble up (especially the Spoon-ish backing on the sugary sweet I Love You Regardless).

I don't think this band is doing the things that make bloggers salivate, but if you like inspired Brit-pop dreamy melodies, the Dalloways will certainly serve a purpose. Rather than critique this EP, it's probably better to just enjoy it.

[MP3]:: Me and Thomas Hardy
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