Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sunday Morning Coffee:: Christine Fellows

I have way too much running around to do today to give this artist the time she deserves, so this post is going to come off hackish and rushed. To be fair, I guess a lot of mine do so what's the difference? Anyway, Christine Fellows.

Fellows is an artist that will challenge you as much as she impresses you, so I quite expect lots of people to dismiss her music if they don't give her songs more than a casual glance. But when you sit down and really listen, each note, each obscure but beautiful poetic verse shows a passion not exhibited by many musicians. And that's probably because Fellows isn't a traditional song writer, as she writes her pieces for dance and theatre.

Her latest record - Nevertheless - began as a collection of music for her friend's theatrical production and as the songs play, you find yourself being transported to those pseudo comfortable red velor chairs. The theme centers around spinsterhood, but not in a traditional way. Instead of dreary sadness and solitude, Fellows glorifies the independence of the single woman and "wanted to give the party back to the spinsters."

She was influenced by Marianne Moore, a poet who lived the life in NY in the 30's but chose to live at home with her mother and then alone. She's quite a fitting influence on the songs, as Fellows writes alone but benefits from the contributions of a large collection of talented peers (Jason Tait, Pier Ford, John K. Samson, Shary Boyle, Paul Aucoin all add their parts along with her killer band), allowing her songs blossom in front of you. The historical nature of the songs, like any great theatre, quickly disappears as you get more and more immersed in the show.

Fellows isn't a big fan of digital distribution of music, so I'll just point you to a live track she recorded with her husband.
[MP3]:: Taps Reversed (live with John K.Samson)
Note:: You can download the whole CBC3 set the couple played together over @ B(oo)tlog

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