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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sunday Morning Coffee:: Patrick Sweany

I could have sworn I talked about Sweany before, but looking back through the archives I can't find anything. That's a big shame, because his retro blues work is dripping with soul and honesty. His last record - Every Hour is a Dollar Gone - is one I find myself coming back to over and over again.

Sweany's vocals are amazingly pure and the power he delivers let's him experiment with countless styles and elements. Whether it's the pseudo-Beatles vibe and clack percussion that surfaces in Two or Three, the handclaps he throws in on the 70's rocker From Orange to Pink or the straight ahead drive of After Awhile, Sweany's voice adds the intensity and immediacy you need to buy into the songs. Unlike so many artists who try to hit you with emotion and honesty, Sweany actually makes you believe.

The record sounds great and Dan Auerbach (Black Keys) certainly helped Sweany find some new wrinkles, but you don't lose any of the emotion and intensity of a live show (Them Shoes could have been grabbed from a soundboard recording). You can picture his calloused fingers flying around the fret board, sweat flying from his hair as he stomps his foot in the studio on every guitar solo.

He captures the essence of rust belt rock, blues, and roots and if this record doesn't make you want to get up and go on a Sunday, I am not sure what else would.

[MP3]:: Your Man
This track has the soul and passion of a classic Van Morrison track, and that is said without hype or sarcasm. Patrick's vocals and guitar work are drenched in regret and it gives the song that soul we all crave. I don't usually add those ridiculous highly recommended claims when I post a track (as why else would I post it), but this song is terrific. It is just the type of track that you need to listen do when you drive out of the city or sit on a porch in the summer with your friends.

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