News:: Entire Cities & The Rural Alberta Advantage @ Gus' Pub

I've said this before, but when quality bands make the extra effort to perform in the Maritimes, I like to give them a plug here on the hill. I say "extra effort" like said bands are a collection of shaggily-coiffed Samuel de Champlain's navigating the St. Lawrence in reverse and discovering three provinces no one has ever played in before, which isn't quite the case. But many don't bother to come out here, so I like giving a shout-out to those that do.

Two such bands from Toronto will be hitting our area this weekend, and are certainly worth your time if you have the, uhhh, time. Entire Cities and The Rural Alberta Advantage are playing Gus' Pub here in Halifax this Friday night (Feb 22nd), and they'll also be in Sackville, Charlottetown, and Moncton (see below for dates & venues). Both bands are fairly new on the scene, but I've been lucky enough to hear plenty of songs from each, and I can see why many Canadian music types are excited about them. Just have a gander at what the Ack had to say about Entire Cities here on the hill:

I don't know how any fan of Canadian music could listen to the diverse elements the super-band used over the course of seven songs and not be won over, but the mix of ballads and barn dancing foot stompers were just the type of songs that should have been all over the blogs. Instead, the band simply kept progressing in relative obscurity, playing shows and getting even better.

I see his point, their mix of country sounds mixed indie sensibilities is pretty infectious and hard to ignore once you hear it The RAA also have a tremendous sound, spicing up their melodic folky/indie rock with kinetic drums and spiraling keyboards. They sound fantastic, plus, their new album Hometowns will deliver a history lesson about Alberta to boot, so that's clearly a win-win. But don't take my word for it, you can check out what some other folks had to say about them.

Get to these shows and buy an album from both of these groups, I doubt you'll regret it.

MP3:: Entire Cities - Dancing With My Brother.mp3
MP3:: Entire Cities - The Woods
MP3:: The RAA - Luciana
MP3:: The RAA - Frank, AB

Wed, Feb 20, 2008 - Sackville, Mount Allison Pub
Thr, Feb 21, 2008 - Charlottetown, Brennan's Pub
Fri, Feb 22, 2008 - Halifax, Gus' Pub
Sat, Feb 23, 2008 - Moncton, Manhattan

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