Friday, February 29, 2008

News:: Metawon & Neferiu - Free Music For Me & You

Free music is nice. That's not exactly a newsflash to most of you dirty leeches (I keeed, I keeed, anyone reading this is top shelf in my humble), but it still bears being said. Free music is also smart business in my opinion. Take Calgary-based hip-hop/electronic label, Neferiu for example. I heard from them a couple of months ago, and although I thought they had some interesting releases, I was absolutely rammed at the time and didn't have the time to check them out. I made a note to go back and check on them, but never got around to it.

This is a story with a happy ending though, as the other day I got another email from the label discussing the latest entry in their free download series, Metawon's Electric Dyslexic. Metawon is a DJ and producer who also represents Calgary, and his latest release is a sample-filled tribute to classic hip hop beats. And I have to say, it's really good stuff, full of thick, snapping drums layered with loops aplenty, soul, movie and hip hop samples, along with some scratches thrown in for good measure. It reminds me a bit of Shadow or RJD2 when they aren't worrying about being artistes. Also, in a wise move that follows other similar albums like Babu's Beat Tape or Madlib's Movie Scenes, he keeps everything under three minutes so the listener doesn't get worn out.

This isn't a half-assed effort either, it's 32 tracks, and although you're better off downloading it yourself I can give you some reviewer guy two cents on a few songs. Randumb skitters back and forth between spacey, off-kilter sounds and classic hip hop with hard drums, piano loop, and vocal samples. Tear Shit Up is a beat simply waiting to be spit over, so download it and do it in the comfort of your own home! Can you go wrong with a dope beat and a Rakim sample? You cannot. Codename Who manages to pair the Biz's Just A Friend with some horns and twinkly synths without sounding the least bit cheesy, an impressive feat. Videogame sound effects are mixed with old-school soul grunts and the sitar on the excellent Psalm 23. Snoopin has the kind of drum loop that just makes you feel good.

Overall Metawon has done some good work here, it's the kind of album you can put on no matter what you're doing and you'll find yourself nodding along without realizing it. So kudos to him, and kudos to the good people at Neferiu for making it available to the masses. Don't delay, get on over to their site and get yourself a copy.

MP3:: Metawon - Tear Shit Up
MP3:: Metawon - Codename Who
MP3:: Metawon - Psalm 23
MP3:: Metawon - Snoopin

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