News:: Share & Hey Rosetta! Hit The Road

Reading that title again, it sounds like these two bands are heading out on tour together. They aren't, but I wanted to consolidate their tour schedules into one post, and also I was too lazy to re-write it. But that's not really here nor there, and let's move on to the important bits.

Share is the name singer-songwriter Andrew Sisk gave to the project he created with his friend and producer A.A. Wallace to record his ukulele-infused debut, Ukulele Tragic. Share added two members (Kyle Cunjak and Nick Cobham) for their sophomore release, Pedestrian, and they also built upon the organic base of the first album with lots of electronic touches to create a very unique and captivating album. Clearly I enjoyed Pedestrian, but I hadn't heard Ukulele Tragic until now, as Share and the good folks at Forward Music have made the album available as a free download. So what are you waiting for, get in there and get some great free music. Share is also hitting the road, starting tomorrow, and playing a number of shows in the Eastern portion of our country. So check them out live and no doubt you'll be itching to purchase a copy of Pedestrian after Ukulele Tragic whets your whistle.

Feb. 21 Montreal, PQ    Casa Del Popolo
Feb. 22 Wakefield, PQ    Blacksheep Inn
Feb. 23 Ottawa, ON    Cafe Dekcuf
Mar. 6 Picton, ON    The Acoustic Bar and Grill
Mar. 7 Toronto, ON    Tranzac (CMW)
Mar. 11 Hamilton, ON    Casbah w/ Wax Mannequin
Mar. 14 London, ON    Call the Office
Mar. 15 Guelph, ON    Jimmy Jazz
Mar. 17 Peterborough, ON    The Spill
Mar. 18 Kingston, ON    Queen St United Church (Apple Crisp Series)
Mar. 19 Ottawa, ON    Mavericks
Mar. 20 Montreal, PQ    Barfly
Mar. 21 Fredericton, NB    The Capital
Mar. 22 Halifax, NS    The Seahorse

MP3:: Share - Soil
MP3:: Share - Too Shy To Blush
MP3:: Share - The Yard

St. John's, Newfoundland's Hey Rosetta! are as large and dramatic as Share are sublte and introspective. That's not to say Hey Rosetta! doesn't have some quiet deep moments on their recent EP, Plan Your Escape, but I think they're at their most powerful when they get their six piece cranked up to a run. Plan your escape has received plenty of positive attention since it's release (including some from this here site), and their new album has already garnered some attention even though it's only in the recording stage. This might have something to do with a certain Hawksley Workman helping to produce the album and calling them "the next big thing" on CBC television. Well you don't want to miss out on the next big thing do you? Well then, attend one of these shows, and you won't.

SYDNEY, NS:    The Upstairs (French Club), Feb. 21
HALIFAX, NS:    The Seahorse Tavern, Feb. 23
CHARLOTTETOWN, PE:    Baba`s Lounge, Feb. 26
SAINT JOHN, NB:    Elwood`s, Feb. 27
QUEBEC CITY, QC:    Velvet Night Club, Feb. 28
MONREAL, QC:    Quai Des Brumes, Feb. 29
OTTAWA, ON:    Cafe Dekcuf, Mar. 1
BARRIE, ON:    Foundation Nite Club, Mar. 4
LONDON, ON:    The Salt Lounge, Mar. 5
GUELPH, ON:    Jimmy Jazz, Mar. 6
TORONTO, ON:    Gibson Guitar Showroom (CMW), Mar. 7
TORONTO, ON:    Horseshoe Tavern (CMW), Mar.

MP3:: Hey Rosetta! - Yes! Yes! Yes!

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